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The Simon & Garfunkel Story 
North American Tour

"Lazar and Pinson both put on excellent vocal performances throughout the show, and Elliot Lazar also plays his guitar throughout most of the songs.They commanded the stage and their performance to make the audience feel like they were at a rock concert..."

- Soren Allen, Music City Review

"...heartbroken documentarian Mark (a wonderfully self-assured Elliot Lazar) runs through reel after reel of film, not exactly sure what he’s capturing or whether his celluloid time capsule will ever be seen... 

Led by star-making turns from Lazar and Cox, and right down to the ever-versatile ensemble... the entire cast shines in roles that have become as beloved as any in modern musical theatre history.

- Ben Waldman, Winnipeg Free Press


RENT, Rainbow Stage


"While all three couples have their moments, it’s Lazar who sews up the applause. His “Miracle of Miracles” is a standout in the show and reason to watch him even when he’s not center stage."

- Bruce Miller, Sioux City Journal

" is the poor tailor, Motel Kamzoil, who touches hearts the most. Elliot Lazar seals the deal as his own unique Motel when he sings “Miracle of Miracles” with an initial voice full of youth and giddiness that bit by bit transforms with increased courage into “God has made a man today,” full of deeper-voiced bravado, ready to take his bride."

- Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddys


Fiddler on the Roof, National Tour

Fiddler on the Roof, National Tour

"Elliot Lazar as Motel was perhaps my favorite among the suitors. Lazar perfectly captures Motel's kindness and delivers a beautiful rendition of "Miracle of Miracles." I was so happy for him when he got his sewing machine."

- Jon Bee, Broadway World

"Elliot Lazar is at his best as Tobias in “Tobias the Terrible,” the milquetoasty engineer who adopts rough street lingo to impress his bored girlfriend."

- Pam Kragen, San Diego Union Tribune

Another Roll of the Dice,
North Coast Rep (World Premiere)

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 8.30.49 PM.png

Another Roll of the Dice,
North Coast Rep (World Premiere)

"Elliot Lazar is adorable as the sweet and naive Tobias, a recent college grad trying to be tougher to impress his girlfriend who finds him a little too vanilla for her taste."

- EM Reiter, Broadway World

"Based on a monologue by American writer Mike Daisey, it’s part history lesson, part cautionary tale, leavened with characters’ personal observations about casual racism, celebrity and the power of lies. Plus, there are musical interludes provided by Julie Lumsden and hosts Elliot Lazar and Connie Manfredi. Aaron Pridham and Anjali Sandhu round out the cast, who invite a party of friends and family to play Trump, the board game. Naturally it’s winner take all, but this quintet should take the popular fringe vote, too."

- Pat St. Germaine, Winnipeg Free Press

Trump 8.jpg

The Trump Card
District Theatre Collective


The Magic Flute, Manitoba Underground Opera

"Baritone Elliot Lazar portrayed royal birdcatcher Papageno as a quasi-counter-culture, peace-sign flashing hippie, presented not with magic bells but a flamingo-festooned music box... his giddy Act II scene in which he falls head over feathers with soprano Emily Ready's Papagena proved a highlight."

- Holly Harris, Opera Today

"The deep vocal talent extends into a Greek chorus-like group of singers who provide commentary between scenes, with Lara Ciekewicz, Rob Herriot and Elliot Lazar displaying particularly impressive vocal abilities handling Sondheim's challenging music."

- Joff Schmidt, CBC Manitoba

A Little Night Music,
Dry Cold Productions


James and the Giant Peach,
Manitoba Theatre for Young People

"Under music director Danny Carroll, the music is impressively performed by the nine-member cast  — rounded out by Julie Lumsden's considerate Spider, Simon Miron's suitably proper Grasshopper, Elliot Lazar's amusingly dour Centipede, Stephanie Sy's gentle Ladybug and Matthew Fletcher's comically cowardly Earthworm. They all have great voices, and a believable chemistry together as a cast."

- Joff Schmidt, CBC News

"The flashbacks are acted out by the super supporting cast of Emily King and Elliot Lazar, who also play other characters, sing the opening and closing numbers, and move set pieces on and off the makeshift stage at the MAP Studio. Their versatility favourably augments virtually every scene."

- Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

You Were There: A Shadowplay,
Pocket Frock (World Premiere)

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 8.00.04 PM.png

There is seemingly nothing Emily Jane King and Elliot Lazar can't do... using every single crayon in the box. They sing beautifully, manipulate puppets, change sets, and re-enact shadow scenes. Keep an eye out on these two - they are ridiculously talented."

- Michelle Palansky, The Winnipeg Review

The real show-stopper turns out to be a new song called She's in Love, sung by an absolutely adorable Elliot Lazar as Flounder and Ariel's sisters. I'm sorry, Ariel, but I would have chosen Flounder despite Marc Devigne's genuine and endearing portrayal of the handsome prince."

- Elishaa Dacey, Winnipeg Metro

Flounder 1.jpg

Disney's The Little Mermaid,
Rainbow Stage (Canadian Premiere)

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