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What Do I Teach?

With a background in both classical and contemporary vocal techniques, I work with singers ranging from beginner to professional levels. Whether you're looking to step up your karaoke-game or build a career as a singer, I've got you covered!

Crossover for Singers

The world of singing is changing every day. Opera companies are producing musicals. Jukebox musicals are bringing pop and rock to Broadway. There has never been a better time to be a versatile singer. This course provides singers an opportunity to expand and diversify their instrument. The focus can be tailored to the specific goals of the student, but may include developing the mixed voice, a healthy belt sound, new vocal styles (musical, pop, rock, jazz…) and repertoire building.

Build Your Book

For the modern singing actor, it’s important to cultivate a diverse repertoire for a variety of occasions. A performer’s “book” needs to include everything from jazz standards to Broadway classics to contemporary musical theatre and pop/rock hits. This course is aimed at musical theatre singers looking to explore and develop new repertoire and audition material. This is a great opportunity for young performers and emerging artists who are looking to build on their technique and learn new songs.

Audition Technique

This course focuses on preparing singers for auditioning for everything from community theatre to Broadway. Emphasis will be placed on song interpretation, repertoire selection and audition-room etiquette. Performers will have the opportunity to select and explore new audition songs, working on mock-audition material, resume building and self-tape/video audition techniques.

Songwriting Primer

Have you always wanted to write and perform your own music, but never been sure where to start? This course will include theory, lyric-writing tools, composition and musicianship. This could extend into learning an instrument to accompany yourself on (ukulele, guitar, piano), vocal technique and styles, and resources for self-producing.


"I love working with Elliot! He brings a warm, positive energy to lessons and will help you find strong pieces to add to your book. He is so knowledgeable when it comes to vocal physiology and his techniques have really helped me to access the highs and lows of my range."

Stephanie Occhipinti, student